Experience Biofeedback Therapy

The Wellness Centre now offers customized Biofeedback Therapy programs designed to enhance your body’s ability to manage stress. These high tech retraining programs use frequencies to relax, balance, and normalize bodily functions and support your body’s ability to reduce stress patterns.

Stress on our mind and body comes in many forms and is the root of many chronic diseases as well as the cause of premature aging. Biofeedback is an effective method of helping to relax the mind. It retrains your physiological stress response into a healthier one, enabling the body to recover more effectively, thereby changing its pattern from a degenerative one into a pattern of self-healing.

Benefits can include: improved sleep, better digestion, improvement in blood sugar levels, better mood, reduction in emotional and physical pain, improved performance and concentration, and better heart rate.

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Jackie Marshall-Szewczykowski, Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Jackie has been trained using biofeedback techniques since 1993; working under Marguerite L. Johnson N.D. until 2005. She started her own practice (Certified by the Neurotherapy and Biofeedback Certification Board) in 2006 and received certification from the Natural Therapies Certification Board in 2009. She is also a Registered Nutritional Product Advisor since 2004. Jackie is currently studying Homeopathy at the PIHMA/AMCH College in Phoenix, AZ.

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