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Over three decades of experienced care

Relaxation massage

30, 60, 90mins

$50, $80, $120

Deep tissue massage

Healing hot stone massage

Prenatal massage

60 mins

Special techniques are applied to relieve pain associated with backaches, leg cramps, headaches, sinus congestion, and sciatica. Prenatal massage benefits also include reduced swelling and less insomnia. The therapist can adapt your massage for any stage of pregnancy. Our techniques are designed for pregnant women 12 weeks to full term, with a doctor's note of approval.

Sinus and TMJ release

30 mins


Couple's massage


Essential oils


Contrast therapy


Ice or heat

30 minute session

a la carte


Head + Hand

Head + Feet

Hands + Feet

Allow us to customize a massage just for you. Call:




Head only, Hands only, Feet only

30, 60, 90mins

$60, $95, $145

$100, $150

60, 90mins


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The Wellness Centre

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Pool-side, seasonal


(deep tissue or relaxation)