Regenerative Wellness & Stem Cell Therapy

If you have a chronic condition or have experienced any sort of body injury that leaves you with chronic or regular pain, you don't have to stay that way. There are options for you. While the human body was built to heal itself, Stem Cell Therapy helps by repairing the damaged tissue in your body, reducing or removing the pain.

Stem cell therapy can be an effective option to alleviate chronic pain, rejuvenate damaged tissue, and avoid unnecessary surgery. It is:

  • Drug-Free
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Safe & Effective

How does Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Over time, the tissue can lose functionality due to age, injury and disease. That can mean longer healing time, cellular deterioration, and changing chemical environments that inhibit tissue recovery.

Regenerative medicine aims to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself. Stem cells cooperate with your body’s natural functions to help supplement, cushion, protect and provide support right where it’s needed. Whether you’re 18 or 68, it’s about maintaining your ideal healing environment in the least invasive and disruptive way possible.

Regenerate your life!

Stem cells are regenerating your degeneration and have been life-changing for so many patients. You don't have to live in pain. There has been extensive research, which we are happy to share with you, that shows stem cell therapy to be a safe and very successful way to treat a variety of injuries and chronic or acute conditions, and does so permanently.

Potential Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Regenerate & Repair Tissue
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Decreased Pain & Soreness
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Recovery from Knee Injuries
  • Reverse Arthritis/Osteoarthritis Damage
  • Repair Hip & Labral Tears
  • Recover from Shoulder Damage
  • Relieve Chronic & Lower Back Pain
  • Repair Wrist or Elbow Injuries
  • Decrease Ankle or Foot Pain
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Treatment

  • David Brewton
    For years, I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain and weakness. As a farmer, it is imperative I have full use of my shoulder and arm and I was at the point where I was unable to use my arm. I thought surgery was my only option. Then I heard about Stem Cell Therapy and I’m so glad I said yes. I didn’t need to have shoulder surgery and my shoulder has been completely regenerated. I am able to do push-ups again, and I can even bench-press 250 lbs.
    David Brewton
  • Bobbie Hood
    I was suffering with chronic neck pain and had no other alternative but surgery to find relief. When I heard about Stem Cell Therapy, I got excited because it was a noninvasive, nonsurgical option. It was so simple, safe, and affordable I had to say yes. I’m so glad I did. I received immediate relief and now, over a year later, I am completely pain free.
    Bobbie Hood
  • Brad Underwood
    I had a torn meniscus and chronic pain in both knees. I was scheduled for surgery when I heard of Stem Cell Therapy. It was a no-brainer to attempt to regenerate before I undertook the potential risks and complications of surgery. I am so glad I said yes to Stem Cell Therapy. Just 6 weeks later, both knees have improved measurably and I was amazed when I saw the x-ray that confirmed the meniscus healing and repairing.
    Brad Underwood

Improve Your Health with Stem Cell Therapy Now

Stem Cell Therapy is a truly amazing breakthrough and may have the ability to regenerate, repair, and restore damaged tissue.

Stem cells have been shown to help repair muscle, bone, cartilage, tendons, and so much more. Research has indicated that stem cells may benefit a wide variety of health complications and may also assist individuals to live stronger and healthier lives.

Regenerative Wellness and Stem Cell Therapy is now available to help you improve your health. Contact us today at 281-395.2225 to learn more about the injections. Reserve your appointment or to Save Your Seat at one of the Free Stem Cell Therapy seminars!

(This information is not FDA-approved and is solely provided for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your healthcare professional before using any regenerative medicine treatment or therapy.)

Benefits of Infiniti Cells™:

Stem Cell Therapy is a truly amazing breakthrough and may have the ability to regenerate, repair, and restore damaged tissue.

  • Regenerate, Rebuild and Repair damaged cells
  • Modulate the immune system (immunomodulatory)
  • Reduce Inflammation (Powerful anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Work as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  • Can be given to anyone regardless of age or blood type.
  • Simple. Safe. Accessible. Affordable.

The Decline of Stem Cells in the Body

  • Stem cells decrease and decline with age, causing longer repair and recovery times and leaving us more prone to injury and disease. Our bodies have large numbers of stem cells in younger years. Stem cells repair muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons. Stem cells rapidly decline with age.
  • Causing longer repair and recovery times.
  • Leaves us more prone to aging, disease and degeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are infiniti cells?
Infiniti Cells™ are a simple, safe and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body’s internal repair system.
Are they safe?
Safety is an essential and extremely important fact when considering stem cell therapy. Blood banks screen their cells for 8 different pathogens. Infiniti Cells take the screening to the next level by adding an additional 5 pathogens plus bacterial, fungal, and yeast cultures. The team wants you to be certain that the cells you give yourself, family, and clients are the best of the best.
When will I begin to feel the benefits from treatment?
Depending on the severity of the injury and your personal health, recovery time can vary. Your physician will be able to provide you with more information regarding your timeline.
Where do they come from?
Infiniti Cells are sourced from thoroughly screened, human umbilical cords donated from a healthy mother and healthy baby.
Are there any side effects?
The majority of clients see no side effects at all. However, clients with a sulfa drug allergy may experience a minor reaction of flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually last between 24 and 48 hours. Not all clients with this allergy will experience a reaction.
Does my age matter when I receive treatment?
Your age can play a factor in the outcome of your therapy. Your physician will be able to provide you with more specific information in regard to your treatment outcomes.
Does the procedure hurt?
Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, requiring no more than a few sticks of a needle. It is virtually painless and the recovery period is minimal.
Is this covered by my insurance?
Stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance at this time. The cost is affordable when compared with the cost of most deductibles or co-pays.
Are they FDA-approved?
The FDA does not approve natural therapies. Infiniti Cells meet and exceed all the current FDA guidelines that are in place. The labs we work with to house and process the cells are overseen by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) and follow the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization), NIH (National Institute of Health), AABB (American Academy of Blood Banks), and AATB (American Academy of Tissue Banks).