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June is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Something about the start of summer gets us feeling inspired. Summer is synonymous with making treasured memories. There are endless opportunities for fun, and it should also give us permission to relax and pamper.

Utilize chiropractic treatments, nutrition consulting and wellness treatments like sports medicine -- and your oasis of whole health for your whole body is complete. That’s the reminder we’re sharing with you! We have some pretty fantastic promotions this month for you!

Just a reminder, we celebrate dads this month, too! Father’s Day is June 17. Stop in and pick up a gift for the special dads in your life.

See you soon!


Dr. Balin graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1997 and has been practicing in Katy since 2000. He believes in a “hands-on” approach, and is a true professional in his field. Each patient receives a highly structured program based on their individual needs. He focuses on total body awareness and works in conjunction with other health practitioners, both traditional medical as well as complimentary care.


For Men Only!


Your Dad, Your Husband, Your Brother …

Happy Father’s Day! Dads love to be appreciated, too! They never do it for themselves. Give them something special: A trip to the spa!

Choose from the following Father’s Day promotions:


- Purchase $125 in gift cards and receive $20 toward any treatment!


- Purchase a massage for dad and he receives a complimentary enhancement (a value of $25).

- Purchase one Gentlemen’s Facial and receive 25% OFF any facial cleanser.


Don’t Miss Out On This One, Guys!


This spa package is truly fit for a king! It includes a one-hour hot stone massage, stone crop facial and detoxifying foot treatment. Relax with an ice-cold beer or glass of wine.

Purchase this special treatment for $260!


Radiance revealed skin treatment

A positively stimulating organic facial that will leave your skin glowing, detoxified and firm! Using the super fruit, antioxidant-rich Mangosteen and a Lactic Acid Complex to address the root causes of dullness and tired, uneven looking skin. The result is a fresh, luminous complexion re-vealing your inner radiance! Professional peel included. $135


Body treatments
Body polish
Close your eyes, breathe deep and let go as full body exfoliation re-fines and cleanses. This gentle exfoliation smooths rough areas and sloughs off tired skin cells, leaving skin fresh, hydrated and radiant. $90


Foot treatment
Soak your tired feet in dead sea salt and minerals to replenish depleted levels in the body. An exfoliation and massage will renew and restore hydration and melt away body tension. $30


Reserve your skin treatment this month and receive a FREE Eminence Product! 

(while supplies last)


New treatments available!


Check out the latest new treatments available at The Wellness Centre.

It’s whole health for your whole body!


Yoga Balm


Fairly traded, sustainable oils join to detoxify, promote cell growth, reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. This provides an immediate feeling of release with progression toward long-term holistic wellness. It’s great for bug bites, too!

* Certified organic-free from pesticides, herbicides and synthetic additives


If you often feel overwhelmed with the events, activities and obligations in life, you might be saying “Yes” too often. This is sometimes an overlooked piece to self-care. Saying “No” means respecting yourself and your time and it is an important key to happiness.


We want you to enjoy the sun, but we also want your skin to look on point. Read on for some tips to keep you looking fresh, hydrated and healthy.

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated. Summer is a great time to up your skin’s hydration through masques, toners and a quality moisturizer. Although summer is often hot, skin can become easily dehydrated from too much time in the sun or the pool. We have the best products and can help recommend what will work best for your skin and your lifestyle. Take care of your skin in the summer. It will thank you year-round.

2. Drink Water. This is obvious, we know. But you would be amazed at the number of people who aren’t drinking enough water. While other fluids help, the absolute best thing you can drink is plain, filtered water. This is especially true during the summer when you’re losing fluid through sweat. A good rule of thumb we use is to drink half of your body weight in water. If it’s hard for you to keep track, keep a tally in your phone or at your desk at work.

3. Avoid Mid-Day Sun Exposure.

The strongest sun rays are out from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Your skin is at its highest risk of skin cancer when it is exposed during these hours. The best time to be in the sun is in the early morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. or in the evening when the sun is setting. Fun fact! Only the early morning and evening sunlight produces UVA light which helps your skin create Vitamin D. Once you get closer to mid-day, you no longer have the Vitamin D benefits. Nothing beats being outside on a beautiful sunny day. However, it’s important to minimize your exposure and protect your skin.

4. Keep Your Skin Clean. When sweat sits on your skin it will mix with bacteria and clog pores, potentially causing acne breakouts. With summer upon us, it’s important to remember to wash sweaty headbands, clothing and hats before wearing them again. The best way to remove sweat is by blotting it.

Avoid intense physical activity that brings about profuse sweating during the hottest times of day. If that’s not possible, then wear very loose, light clothing and try to keep your skin cool by using fans, cool showers, etc.

5. Exfoliate Once Per Week With A Good Product. Get rid of dead skin cells and that extra dirt and grime. If it’s an extra sunny or outdoors week for you, tread carefully with exfoliation.

6. Moisturize With Sunscreen. Repeat. All. Day. Long. This is the most important skin tip we can give you. Stock up on sunscreen and always carry one in your purse/vehicle. We recommend you purchase at least 50 SPF. Apply and reapply every 4 hours or potentially more if you have been sweating or are in the water. No matter what you might be doing out in the sun, we can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough. The sun is extremely damaging on your skin cells and causes premature aging, brown spots and skin cancer. If you need a good, quality sunscreen, come visit us. We carry everything you need.

Summer Products Needed:

Exfoliator for body and face



Stop by and pick them up!



These shrimp tacos are perfect for a casual and fun dinner party. This recipe has a long list of ingredients, but please don’t let that discourage you. They are truly very quick and easy to make!


See you soon at The Wellness Centre

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