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September is refreshing. It’s also a time to refocus your energy with a well-deserved Labor Day holiday. September is the welcome month for Autumn, it’s when kids are in their daily school routine (try not to look too excited when they hop on the bus!) and it’s the start of a new football season.

At the Centre, we are feeling giddy because we start gearing up for holidays. So keep an eye out in the coming months as we unveil some pretty amazing offers. This month, the theme is rejuvenation and we have the perfect specials and treatments to balance your busy life.


Also, we have some exciting news! We have a new acupuncturist to help you with pain treatment, overall wellness, stress management and more!


We will see you soon!


Need To Remove Summer Damage?


Let A Body Polish Work Wonders!

Talk about the perfect combination — the relaxing power of a massage with the exfoliation benefits of a body polish. Rediscover skin that is fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. This combo will leave you smiling!


Reserve a body polish and a massage therapy for ONLY $165 (a value of $205)!


It's Time For a Fall Renewal Retreat!

Give your mind and body a boost with rejuvenating fall spa treatments. 

Reserve any two therapies and receive $40 in spa dollars to be used toward your next visit

(valued at $100 or more).


Choose from any one-hour massage, skin care therapy, purifying body wrap or cleansing body polish.


This is wellness done right!


Discover whole health for your whole body.


We are now offering organic liquid herbs. They are concentrated, fast-acting and can replace taking the typical pill form of supplements.


Stop in and let Dr. Balin or the Nutrition Team custom-blend a tonic for you.


Purchase a blend and receive 25% OFF your first liquid herbal tonic purchase.


SpaRitual HandPrint Hand Serum and Hand Salve Duo


With fall comes drier air and that tends to affect the skin on your hands. Keep a small bottle of SpaRitual HandPrint Hand Serum and Hand Salve Duo in your purse or car to renew your skin when it needs some love. Slow the signs of aging with the Handprint Duo. When used together, these two Signature formulas soothe and protect hands from life's everyday stressors. HandPrint Hand Serum is formulated with Swiss Apple Stem Cells and infused with Ginger Root Extract to soften and smooth the skin’s texture, Pumpkin Fruit Extract to help build collagen and promote elasticity, and Licorice Root to help brighten discoloration.

Stop by now and purchase this product!


Cherish True Friends


This quote says it all! If you haven’t told your friends how you feel about them, make today the day you do it. A little love can be a big day brightener and it’s important to let them know.


The Magic Of Mushrooms For Your Health


Somehow before the age of 10, I had a fear of the little ’shrooms growing in the backyard, thinking that if they touched my toes, I would never be the same. I realize how ridiculous that sounds now, especially as I finish off my morning mushroom supplement.

Traditional Chinese medicine would probably love to shout, “I told you so!” as the Western world boasts its brilliance in discovering the healing power of mushrooms. These fantastic fungi are packed with nutritional and medicinal value. So much so that this superfood is making its way into powder, pill and supplement forms with one broad goal: wellness. The concept of food-as-medicine couldn’t be truer than with mushrooms.

So, why are mushrooms so healing? One of the most surprising facts is that as humans, we share half of genetic makeup with mushrooms. The benefit being that we can easily take advantage of the immune-boosting benefits mushrooms provide. A few varieties you should look for are chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi and shiitake.

The numerous healing benefits are absolutely astounding. We’ve created a list of them below:

● Immune-boosting power
● Anti-cancer properties
● Liver protection
● Antioxidant properties
● Anti-inflammatory (improves acne, rosacea, eczema)
● Anti-viral
● Anti-microbial
● Lowers cholesterol
● Energy-boosting
● High in Vitamin D and selenium (protects skin against wrinkles, discoloration, etc.)

Eating a variety of mushrooms and even looking into supplements that include them in powder form or tea is an easy place to start if you want to benefit from these super ’shrooms!


See you soon at The Wellness Centre

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