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December is an extra special time of the year. It easily puts everyone in a cheerful disposition. It’s a month of personal faith, joy, holiday shopping and celebration. We are grateful for this magical season of sparkling lights, warm cups of cocoa and the excitement of Saint Nick, even as adults.

December promotions bring amazing offers for gift cards, treatments, gift sets and more. We have the best holiday gifts to finish your shopping but don’t forget to splurge on yourself, too! December is one huge holiday extravaganza and we should celebrate accordingly! Stop in to see us soon. Cheers!


Give The Gift Of Health + Wellness!

Santa isn’t the only one delivering magic this holiday season. Leave your loved ones in awe with gifts that not only make them look better but feel better too! Choose from seasonal skin therapies, full body treatments and gift cards.

We make gift giving fun! Finish your list in one easy trip to the spa. For every $100 Gift Card purchase, receive a FREE gift.


It’s Time For Your New Year Cleanse!


Change Your Habits! Change Your Life!


Learn the basics of cleansing, meal planning, recipes, grocery lists and much more.


Join the Nutrition Team in January for a Professionally Guided Cleanse!


Patients who have finished the purification program found:

*Increased energy and vitality

*Better digestion

*Less bloating

*Improved weight management

*Clearer skin

*Shinier hair

*Better sleep

*Clearer thinking


Enjoy These Holiday Packages!


It’s a New Year for a New You – with Peace, Joy and Love!!


New Year, New You  $480                        

This is a Restorative Deep Pore Cleanse Skin Therapy treatment with $50 of at-home skin care, a one-hour Magnesium Massage with an aromatherapy hot compress, a one-hour consultation with a Nutritionist, and a professionally guided 21-Day Cleanse Program.


Peace $140                                         

One-hour Aromatherapy Massage + Peppermint Foot Massage   


Joy  $150                                               

Seasonal Skin Therapy + Nourishing Hand Treatment + Massage 


Love $230                                          

The Essential Skin Treatment, One-hour Aromatherapy Massage, Peppermint Scalp Massage.


Warming Winter Spa Package $320
Skin, Massage and Body all in one.

Arctic Berry Anti-Aging Facial $130
Treat yourself to a premium anti-aging facial using luxury botanical and organic ingredients sourced from the Arctic for the ultimate renewal. This results-oriented facial layers three uniquely formulated products that work in harmony as an advanced resurfacing treatment.

Arctic Berry Peel Only $85

Pumpskin Organic Facial $135
The amazing regenerative properties of pumpkin + yams are a seasonal treat for the skin. Loaded with a multitude of vitamins, beta carotene and antioxidants, pumpkin repairs damage to the skin caused by environmental factors and aging.

Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel $85

Honey Chai Body Polish & Massage $195
The temps may be falling outside, but you’re in for a relaxing warm-up! A fine grain sea salt scrub deliciously scented with notes of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg provides a thorough exfoliation as it helps to invigorate and detox skin. Then, dive into a warm spiced honey and steeped milk massage that comforts freshly glistened skin.


Immune Tonic

With only three super-power herbs, this blend with make you a superhero, naturally! While we have yet to don a cape, we can attest to better health. It’s immune-boosting properties are about the best there are, and with sickness and flu season in full swing, we aren’t taking any chances.


This time of the year is the ideal time to forgive yourself and forgive others. Doing so is the ultimate act of self-care!


Easy Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season


It’s tempting to fall into a routine around the holidays and focus on your own family and friends - which is wonderful! But remember that not everyone experiences such joy and contentment during the holidays. Fill your heart and those you’re giving to by donating.

One of the best parts of life is the little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love that affect others in ways the giver may never know. Here’s a list of pay-it-forwards we like to share with others this time of year.

1. Serve A Holiday Meal
Many shelters serve holiday meals to hundreds and thousands of people in many communities across the country. Volunteer a few hours to help serve. In return, you’ll meet some amazing people. We sure have over the years!

2. Donate Your Change
The coins you’ve been collecting in the bottom of your purse, in the cupholder of your car and in your change jar can go to a good cause! Cash the coins at the bank and donate the proceeds to a local shelter or food bank.

3. Share The Furry Love
Share your sweet, loving fur baby with a local senior living community or senior center. This is sure to bring smiles to all their faces, including yours!

4. Give Back To Those Closest to You
It’s wonderful to give back to strangers in need, but think of your own family and friends. Is anyone struggling? Could someone you know use a night off? A hot meal? Or an ear for venting? Sometimes the small gestures matter the most.

5. Make Care Packages For The Homeless
These can be simple, with just a few essentials and a lot of love. The homeless need basic needs met, so consider including a pair of socks, a couple of snacks, a water bottle, wet wipes and a handwritten note. You can always include more if you choose!

6. Adopt A Family
This is such a fun way to give back during the holidays and it’s the perfect option if you have kids who want to get involved. Shop for and wrap gifts for a family in need this holiday season. You usually can get connected to families through local organizations.

7. Pay It Forward
Done throughout the year in big and small capacities, paying it forward is taking care of the people in your community through unexpected kindnesses. Have you been the lucky one in the coffee shop drive-thru? Have you paid for someone’s meal at a restaurant? Or an unsuspecting driver at the pump? Give a stressed-out stranger a spa gift card. This is a blast to play out with the kids, too!

We hope you’ll try a few of these this holiday season, or share with us what you do to give back during the holidays!


Santa is guaranteed to make a stop at your house with these
Star Gluten-Free Cut-Out Cookies!


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