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The Wellness Centre is a leading center for overall wellness and chiropractic care. We offer wellness solutions to help members of the community be healthy, look great and have a well-balanced life. If you are looking for the best wellness in Katy, Texas, look no further. We are committed to delivering the best care and helping you restore and maintain your health.

Dr. Balin and the team have over three decades of experience and have been deemed Katy's best chiropractor and wellness center. We invite you to explore the website and discover the wide range of massage, facial and skin care, nutrition, biofeedback, wellness and chiropractic therapies we deliver.

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Let us help you chart a wellness path to a better lifestyle!

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"We gather experts and practices for healthy living to guide your journey toward a mindful and inspired life because we believe that no single path holds the key to absolute well-being."


Raving Fans

View More Raving Fans Testimonials and see why we are their favorite Wellness Centre in Katy, TX!

  • Bobbie Hood
    I was suffering with chronic neck pain and had no other alternative but surgery to find relief. When I heard about Stem Cell Therapy, I got excited because it was a noninvasive, nonsurgical option. It was so simple, safe, and affordable I had to say yes. I’m so glad I did. I received immediate relief and now, over a year later, I am completely pain free.
    Bobbie Hood
  • Brad Underwood
    I had a torn meniscus and chronic pain in both knees. I was scheduled for surgery when I heard of Stem Cell Therapy. It was a no-brainer to attempt to regenerate before I undertook the potential risks and complications of surgery. I am so glad I said yes to Stem Cell Therapy. Just 6 weeks later, both knees have improved measurably and I was amazed when I saw the x-ray that confirmed the meniscus healing and repairing.
    Brad Underwood
  • David Brewton
    For years, I was experiencing chronic shoulder pain and weakness. As a farmer, it is imperative I have full use of my shoulder and arm and I was at the point where I was unable to use my arm. I thought surgery was my only option. Then I heard about Stem Cell Therapy and I’m so glad I said yes. I didn’t need to have shoulder surgery and my shoulder has been completely regenerated. I am able to do push-ups again, and I can even bench-press 250 lbs.
    David Brewton
  • Cheryl Sperling
    Outstanding staff, atmosphere and extremely well educated, and exceptionally considerate. Love this gem. So sorry I did not find them sooner!
    Cheryl Sperling
  • Courtney Hall Freeman
    Dr. Balin and his staff are amazing!! I always walk out feeling like a million bucks (without having to spend a million)! I LOVE this place!! Thanks for keeping me "in line"!!!!
    Courtney Hall Freeman
  • Jessica Giovanni
    Amazing and right to the point! So relaxing and in tune!! This is my place to go!!!
    Jessica Giovanni
  • Claudia Canzian
    Love Dr. Balin and his staff. He always takes good care of my husband and me for our ailments. Atmosphere is nice and very relaxing
    Claudia Canzian